Sam Zand, D.O.

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Dr. Zand focuses on holistic mental health care. From his training at Johns Hopkins to his work at UNLV, Dr. Zand helps his patients with medication management, consistent lifestyle modifications, and therapeutic exploration. With his calm demeanor and compassionate nature, his ultimate passion is helping others achieve happiness and personal growth. Nevada, Utah

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Scott Baxter, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Assistant Medical Director

PA Scott has transitioned his life work from emergency and urgent care to mental health, where he now specializes in medication management and supportive therapy. Scott has an amazing ability to connect with people from all walks of life without judgment or bias. Trained locally at Touro University Nevada, Scott has been making an impact on our community for many years. Nevada.

Michael Popov, D.O.

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Dr. Popov served as chief resident of the UNLV Psychiatry Department. He enjoy working in community mental health, consult liaison, and addiction. Dr. Popov is an asset to the community as he also works with the Las Vegas Metro Police to improve their Crisis Intervention Training. A healthy, balanced life allows Dr. Popov to lead by example and help his patients achieve their goals. Nevada.

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Devan Stevens, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Devan has focused his care on holistic mental health and ketamine therapy. While helping with medication management, he also spends time helping his patients understand the contributing factors of their mental health. Having an easy-going but proactive style, Devan's patients appreciate his gentle motivation and guidance in their lives. Nevada, Utah.

PA Judy enjoys her work in acute emergency settings but finds ultimate fulfillment treating mental health. She is extremely proficient in medication management and supportive therapy. Judy attended Touro University Nevada, where she began cultivating therapeutic relationships in the community. She prides herself in meeting patients at their level of readiness and guiding them towards a healthier future. Nevada.

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Judy Chan, PA-C
Physician Assistant


Katie Henkel, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Katie has focused on the mental health perspective of addiction and recovery. She currently works in numerous detox settings to help improve mental health by assisting in patients' sobriety and mental clarity. Nevada.

Samiyah Hoodbhoy, PA-C
Physician Assistant


Janice Sandoval, PA-C
Physician Assistant


PA Samiyah has focused her efforts on the underserved population of Las Vegas. Through her work in non profit clinics, she has helped provide long term care and continuity for many in need. Nevada. Nevada.

PA Janice has focused her mental health efforts in the pain population. Understanding the psychosomatic effects of pain, trauma, and grief, Janice is able to educate her patients on the benefits of holistic health care. Nevada.

kayli burris pa-c.jpeg

Kayli Burris, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Kayli sees all psychiatric cases but has extra focus on ketamine assisted therapy. Her experiences in the emergency rooms along with her outpatient mental health care blend to provide acute oversight and emotional healing. Nevada.

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Marie Stevens, PA-C
Physician Assistant

PA Marie grew up with psychologists in her family. Understanding the psychological effects of pain, trauma, and grief, she is able to educate her patients through many therapeutic strategies. Nevada, Utah.